“Emmy brings to life the natural personality of your hair, unleashing a vibrant vitality you might not have known was even possible. She is so present and passionate in her art, she’ll have you feeling like you were dipped in stardust by the end.”


“I love how people interact with my (your) cuts. They gush, they want to know more, they are challenged. My hair looks rad without having to do anything-which suits my tomboy ways. Thank you for your art and vision.”


“Emmy is a hair whisperer, a divine goddess, a total babe. The care and love and time she puts into her styling and clients is astounding. We had such a special time getting to know each other talking tarot and medicine cards, growth, loss, family, work. Wow! I walked away with a banging’ haircut and heart filled up with love, joy, inspiration and confidence.”


“ I’m not exaggerating when I say that my haircut at Sage Studio changed my life. Emmy is an incredibly skilled stylist , a true artist an an absolute gem of a human being. Her studio space is beautiful and calming, and her technique did wonders for my wavy hair. She just knew where to cut to give me full fringe , flattering face frame, and to bring out my natural texture and curl. I feel incredibly confident and beautiful evertyime I walk out of her salon. That confidence sticks with me and translates to every part of my life. Even on my “bad hair days” I am showered with compliments from complete strangers.”


“Emmy is a master of color. She gets deep, rich and amazing tone which is key to matching skin tone and personal brand. Her sense of calm is unmatched ( and a wonderful departure from the typical gossipy neurotic hairstylist.) the space is light and clean and wonderfully welcoming.”

-Jaq P