Long cut 80+

Short cut 60+

Mid Length 70+

Transformation cut /Technical/Shag 95+

Kiddo cut ( 10 below) 25

Fringe Maintenence 15

Partial Balayage 150+

Full Balayage 175+

Partial Highlight 135+

Full Highlight 160+

Root Solid 80+

Root to end Solid 100+

Root Base plus highlight 160+

Bleach and tone/ pastel/ corrective color: Upon Consultation

Toner with blow dry 70

Toner no blow dry 30

Services are mostly set up for timing. We don’t always have to do exactly what you book! We can consult on timing as well as a quote at your appointment time ( or before if you wish) book what seems right to you! A lot of you, I know the time we need, but please make note if the change is bigger! Or if you’re new!

Please include a note in your booking If you’re looking for a big change. I will want extra time for before and afters, and of course to consult,perfect,and educate you on your new look. If your hair is long and thick, and usually needs more time, or if there’s a specific color or toner you’d like me to have in stock please add that to the note as well!